This exhibition of beautiful KIMONO has been made possible by local Japanese who have kindly loaned their kimono for all to view. This is a rare chance to see the style, charm and elegance of the Japanese kimono. Don't miss it out! (*Only exhibition this year)

TANABATA(the Star Festival) which will be presented under the full star decoration provides the opportunity for all families to make a wish together using bamboo leaves and paper spirits. You can put your wishes on the bamboo leaves. It's FREE!

Toro Nagashi is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lantans down a river; Toro is traditionally another word for lantan, while nagashi means "cruise, flow". This is primarily one on the last evening of the Bon Festival based on the belief that this guides the sprits of the departed back to the other world. You can see the handmade lantan made by milk carton. Please enjoy!

Shodo (Japanese Calligraphy), Tea Ceremony, Ikebana Display etc.